This summer threw down the gauntlet again and put on their second Cloud Developer Challenge. After our success with the last challenge we thought we would throw our hat in the ring and see what we could come up with. Our goal this time around was to use the platform (Sites, Visualforce, Apex, and to create an online application that displays the richness of the platform while looking nothing like a standard app.

After some power brainstorming we decided that we would combine our love for and endurance sports to create an online portal for users to set goals and track their workouts online. Our concept grew into an online tool that a person could use to set a goal, plan/enter their workouts, blog/twitter about their workouts and get real-time analytics of their progress towards that goal.

The result

The result of our effort was online application that is built on the platform and leverages some of the latest Cloud and Web 2.0 best practices. You can log in to our application to demo it:

Below are some of the highlights of enduranceAthlete...

Data model and User Interface are built all on the platform:

Calendar that leverages jQuery to display workouts:

Integration with API to pull in information on local races:

Integration with major social networks Twitter and Blogger:

Integration with Google Analytics: honors us with a win!

We are very pleased to announce that selected us as one of the three winners for the Summer Developer Challenge of which there were over 1,000 applications. Full article…


It is clear that with the addition of Sites that Salesforce has taken the platform to the next level. enduranceAthlete is a great example of how you can really create any online application using their platform…the sky is now the limit. I feel like we can finally say to our clients that “We can do anything on”.

Well it was good enough...

The announced the winners for the second developer challenge and it turns out my entry was good enough to be in the top I finally get an Apple product.

To be honest I am very honored...there were a ton of very cool apps built that I saw (I thought both the gaming sites were particularly well done). Here is a link to the announcement and the other sites that were mentioned: Announcements

Thanks again to Salesforce for the fun challenge!