So after hours of studying I passed the Developer certification and the Consultant Certification.

Here is my nifty logo to prove it:

Still waiting on my consultant logo.


anuj said...

hey hi TinMan.
i am going for salesforce developer certification..can you please help me for this.
I want to know what kind of study i have to do.I have the book which SF provide for certification.

Tim Inman said...


They have a study guide out on the SFDC main site. You can find the link to it here:

My impression of the test was that it was not very "technical" but rather had a lot of questions having to do with situations and what approach you would use. For example...

You need to do something with data. Would you:

a) Use a validation rule
b) Create a trigger
c) Use data loader

I have been doing SFDC for a couple years now and felt that the test was fairly straightforward.

anuj said...

Hey thanks for replying Tim.
I am studying from "Salesforce_creating_on_demand_apps.pdf" study guide.
As you have worked on it please let me know how much practice dos it needs to clear the exam as i am a working professional and i have to do it apart from my office work.
Also can you tell me what is the market value of salesforce developer certified professional.

Please, if you dont mind, provide me your mail address so that i can send you mails.


anuj said...

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the Info.
Currently i am studying from "Salesforce_creating_on_demand_apps.pdf".
As you have cleared it well, can you guide me how much practice does it require and how much i have to work hard.
I am a working professional and dont get much time to study after my office hours.

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